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findERnow for Families

Based on the National ED Inventory (NEDI)-USA database, the most comprehensive and accurate database of all U.S. emergency rooms (ERs), the findERnow app can help you quickly identify the closest ER from your location or any searchable location in the country, as well as provide driving directions and information on basic ER characteristics. This free smartphone app is an essential resource for parents, caregivers, and families.

Pediatric Readiness

Quickly identify whether a specific ER may be more prepared to treat infants and children than others by looking for the blue baby icon.

Relocating with Family

If your family is moving, look up your new city or neighborhood to become familiar with nearby ERs or find potential future workplaces.

ER-Specific Information

Learn basic information about specific ERs, such as if an ER has a pediatric emergency care coordinator, a separate pediatric area, and whether the facility is a verified pediatric trauma or burn center.

Traveling with Family

Quickly and easily find nearby ERs before or during your travels with loved ones to new or unfamiliar areas.

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