findERnow for Researchers

Based on the National ED Inventory (NEDI)-USA database, the most comprehensive and accurate database of all U.S. emergency rooms (ERs), theĀ findERnow app can help you quickly identify the closest ER from your location or any searchable location in the country, as well as provide driving directions and information on basic ER characteristics. The comprehensive ER data available in this free smartphone app makes it an especially useful resource for researchers interested in emergency medicine and health services.


Identify ERs in any small geographic area in the United States (e.g., a specific county) to inform sample selection for research purposes.

Career Planning

Search any U.S. city to identify potential future hospital-based workplaces while planning for a career in research.

ED-Specific Information

Learn basic information about specific ERs, such as annual visit volumes, pediatric readiness, and whether the facility has a verified trauma, burn, or stroke center.

Traveling for Career

Quickly and easily find nearby ERs while traveling to new or unfamiliar areas for work, conferences, or training.


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Please contact us at with your research proposal. Using the NEDI-USA database, we have helped researchers in the past by providing a 5% random sample of EDs or providing summary data by state.
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